Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Shoppers Guide: How to Choose What to Buy

I love shopping but don’t take me wrong, it could be the most stressful thing that someone can ever do. One could be easily confused when shopping with the variety of options of styles, shades of colours, and prices. I can finish my budget within 5 minutes or 5 hours but still find myself unhappy with what I bought. There are so many aspects of shopping that I can write about and today I am going to write about how to choose what to buy.

Two years ago, I used to be the kind of shopper who runs to the back of the store where the clearance or the sale section is and I would approximately buy 5 tops for $50. I just pick up the clothes because it’s cheap and it looks pretty. I wouldn’t even bother to try the clothes on. I sometimes buy clothes that are either too small or too big for me. When buying it, I tell myself that I am either going to lose weight or grow into it, so one day I will be able to fit into them. But, we all know that none of that is going to happen. When I come home and try these clothes on, I am not very happy with it because of one of the following reasons; the clothes may have a defect or it doesn’t look great on me. The unfortunate thing is that I can’t exchange these clothing items because it is on final sale. Even after two years, I still have some of these clothes with tags on in my closet. Every time I see these clothes on my hangers, I regret my shopping sense. As a result of my bad experiences, I now have techniques on how to choose what to buy and I will be sharing it with you.

First and foremost make a list of things you need to buy and the best place to start is looking through your closet. Making a list of things you need is important because you get excited when you get to the store and tend to forget what you need. Do you have the basic clothes like a white and black t-shirt? Is there anything you need to buy? Are you missing anything that is currently in trend like the denim jacket? Did you see something that your friend wore to school and loved it? After you make the list of things you really need and have a sense of what you want, you can move onto the next step.

Before you go to the store and get overwhelmed by the amount of things, do an online window-shopping. Go to the online websites of the stores you shop at and look at all the clothing they have. Zoom into the pictures, have a stare-down contest, read the details, and sometimes the items may have reviews so read it. You can also look at the store’s lookbooks, which can help you find out what the newest clothing trends are. Now, keep the clothes you might want to buy in your mind and head to the store. Don’t be disappointed if you can’t find what you saw online at the store or if the pictures online have deceived you because that just means that the two of you were never meant to be.

Now as you wander off into heaven you may have accumulated a huge pile of clothing that you want to buy. But stop! You want to buy these clothes because they look visually appealing but you won’t know for sure unless you try it on. Go and stand in line to use the change room and take someone that will he honest with you so they can criticize how you look. If you don’t have the patience to wait in line to try your outfit, then it means that you aren’t really interested in the outfit. After you tried on your clothes and narrowed it down to a few items ask yourself the following questions;

• Will I be proud to show-off what I bought?
• Is this a new kind of style that I am going to add to my closet?
• Will I wear this on a daily basis?
• Does this outfit flatter me?
• Will I regret not buying this item?
• Does this outfit fit me?
• Is the price of this item within my budget?
• Is the outfit worth its price?

If you answer no to any of these questions that means it may not be the best thing to buy so keep looking because you might find something that you will love! If you answered yes to all of the questions, then what are you waiting for? Go steal the deal! Picking up an item and saying no to it can be one of the hardest things a girl could do but be brave and accept the truth! It may be hard at first but when you shop like this repeatedly you can build yourself a very stylish closet.

So remember to ask yourself these questions and have an open mind! Good luck shopping!

Written By: Vyshnave Jeya

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