Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What Are You Exposing Your Children Too?

I have been reading this amazing book on "Motherhood" and last night I read something that totally blew my mind yet it didn't surprise me, at all.

What are you exposing your children too?

Did you know that statistically proven, children have had so much exposure to formal learning that they are bored when they get to an actual school setting.

If you don't get anything else from this blog, get this; the preschool years are necessary for children's learning about themselves, the world around them, and their families. At ages two-five, a child needs to run, walk (a lot), climb and throw big balls. He / she will love to color with BIG crayons on paper and painting away is intriguing. However, comforting to a class activity is not useful.

How often do you take nature walks with your children? This is my absolute favorite thing to do with my Captain (my five year old). Walking along the roadside and exploring in the woods are like excursions in a world of wonders, for us. Colored leaves, tall trees...all unique in it's own way, wildflowers, daisies galore, birds, geese, frogs, aunts and a variety of insects that all intrigue both him and I. My ultimate dream is to own a farm house. Farm life offers a wealth of material for exploring and learning. But this doesn't mean you miss out on visiting the fire station, hospitals, police stations, libraries or art galleries. Your child will gain so much from these little to no costs -trips. Wherever you live there are countless resources for educating your children.

Expose them to as much stimulation to the physical senses-sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing and motion-as possible. Take them for walk from the moment they are born. I walked with Captain almost every single day the first 5 months of his life. I had him the end of March and the weather was beautiful for walking. He barely ever used a stroller and we cut it out by the time he was two years old.

while walking with your children, show them the chirping birds, butterflies, hopping rabbits and the bright blue sky. Have them touch the flowers and leaves. Introduce them to the different smells of plants and flowers.

So many children miss the joy of these gems of nature. All too soon, they become saturated with the sounds of rock or rap music and miss out on the beautiful sights and sounds of nature. Point out stars, count them. Acknowledge rainbows with your children. Teach them about animals and their babies. Little children will find it amazing that animals also have babies and little children. Take trips to the Zoo, often.

By helping them to discover the amazing order of nature, you will also reveal the Creator and His genius hands at work.

Develop in your children a sense of curiosity. Don't get exhausted with their questions of why, how, why and how again. Take time to answer their questions and discover their interests.

I thank God my 20 year old is in LOVE with nature and animals. And let me tell you, he is so in tuned with nature, that he can tell you things about it's wonders that will blow your mind away. It took a trip into the wild woods, forests and rain falls of Portugal for him to truly discover his purpose. It's no wonder he is studying "Animal Behaviour"

Capture the joy and wonder of creation together with your little guys.

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  1. This post really made my day. Thank you and now I am going for a nature walk with my twins.