Wednesday, December 12, 2012

You Have Got To Make the Time!

I believe strongly in structuring a daily study time for children as early as the age of four and five. It may be only fifteen minutes a day, but should grow to thirty minutes the older they get. Our children cannot possibly learn everything they need to know in class. There are too many distractions preventing them from focusing entirely on the lessons being taught. It is up to us as parents to establish a schedule study time.

My LiL Captain is turning five in March, and I started scheduling homework time with him the start of this year. And it is the same time everyday. Now please don't think I am talking about Mathematics and work that grade one's and two's are doing. He is in JK so we spend twenty minutes a day Monday to Friday practicing; writing his full name, phone number, his family members names, alphabets, numbers, art and crafts, coloring, reading (every night), cards etc. Because of this, he is advanced for his age. Most of the kids in his class are not writing their names yet. I am telling you, it makes the world of a difference. Captain spends little to no time watching TV, unless he is with dad (lol). He walks through the door after school and wants to get right into activities.

Another thing I strongly believe in as apart of "study" is life skills! At a very young age my mother had me cleaning and cooking. At the time I wasn't always happy to assist her, however, today I thank God for it. While I am cooking and cleaning Captain gets right in there with me. He seasons the meat for me, he stirs the pots for me, he assists with baking and while I am cleaning, he is next to me wiping and sweeping. Despite whether or not I have to go over it (when he is not looking lol) what matters is he is learning these skills at a young age. Life skills can also be taught outdoors. Apple picking is one of our favorite pass times. You would be amazed how much they learn. If we decide to introduce this to our children at twelve or fourteen, they will become rebellious.

I strongly urge you to have some study time of your own. It may be reading, writing or crafts, but doing some activity similar to your children's will enable them to see study time as a normal pattern for life. During this time, eliminate all distractions. Turn off the TV and any music playing in the background. Even if you want to gather your own reading books and writing materials (as I do) and sit next to him in your chosen study spot, just sit there with him / her and do your homework together. Create the ideal atmosphere you're looking for.

Once you establish this this routine, stick to it daily! Even skipping out once or twice a week to this schedule will mess up the flow and make it more difficult to reorganizing it.

Because of my disciple and determination to have study time with Captain, he now reminds me after his dinner and shower, "mom let's do our homework now" he says with excitement in his voice.

At last but NOT least, pray every night with your children. I can't express how important this is and the foundation you are setting for them at an early age. My Avo (grandmother) prayed every night with my sister and I as children, and then went into my brother's room and prayed with them. She instilled that fear of God in me and no matter what direction my life took, I had a connection to God that I ended up coming back to as an adult.

Your Beliefs and relationship with God influence what you impart to your children.

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