Thursday, June 7, 2012

On My Journey....To Fulfill My Purpose!

On behalf of Elizabeth and the team of people who made the Book Release and Intimate Soiree event possible, we extend our gratitude to everyone who attended. Your generosity and ongoing support toward Elizabeth and her story is helping to deliver a clear message that provides hope, inspiration, healing, forgiveness, motivation, courage, empowerment, self-fulfillment, love, and faith to many individuals who have ever felt alone.

There has been an outpour of positive feedback from those who attended the event, and we are now certain that the message of finding happiness and faith through trials and tribulations was received. The energy that filled the room at The Vue on Thursday, May 31, changed a lot of people. The room filled with tears as Elizabeth’s heart-felt words expressed a painful tragedy that taught many people what it means to have courage and be a survivor. Her community generosity, involvement with the church, entrepreneurial spirit, love for her family and friends, and her enthusiastic personality, has shown how important it is to remain connected to the world around us.

The book, If You Played In My Playground, is going to be re-edited as well as adding a few minor changes to the layout. With some complications that arose in the editing stages, we want to be certain that all required changes are made before launching the book in book stores and online. Understanding the reader’s opinion of the book is an important factor in the future success of Elizabeth’s story. We are currently aware of some mistakes throughout the book; however, we welcome your comments. Please do not be shy in submitting this information as it allows us to verify the content.

Your input can be emailed to . Please indicate the chapter and page number along with the error. This has been a new and exciting journey for many of us, and we hope in the final stages of the project to deliver an error free book with a focus on Elizabeth’s empowering message. We know, through her determination, she will share this with the world.


Melanie Gordon
Public Relations/Communication Specialist

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