Monday, June 18, 2012


I am up getting ready to head out to school and suddenly realized I have not blogged in awhile. I got caught up with the book launch 'planning' and neglected my blog. I am sure you understand.

I have been up late at nights answering calls from friends and acquaintances...even strangers who are reading If You Played In My Playground and let me tell you; I am blown away at the responses and feedback of this book. I had no idea it would have the impact it has had and I had no idea lives would be transformed. I wrote the book for a few reasons and one of them was in hopes that the reader would find some form of healing and faith through my trials and tribulations. However, for some reason I am still shocked at how many have been empowered by "My Story."

The other two reason i wrote the memoir was to release "my secrets" I mean everything we hold back; becomes a secret. Whatever no one knows is a secret. I was tired of the "weight"
I wanted to be set free and let go of the guilt. All my life i had no idea what i would do to get rid of some of the shame and guilt i carried (for too many years). I held secrets only to save those that did me wrong. I told half stories so that "they" didn't look too bad. But, in doing so, i left myself with secrets and shame. "We" are the cause to our shame. Because if something is a secret and no one knows then why are we ashamed? Well, because it's hidden WITHIN us. Therefore the feeling of "shame" is coming from within.

What did i do? I wrote my story. I let it all out on paper. The TRUTH! And as i was writing, the weight began to lift off. The chains were unlocked. I was set free. Free to be. Free to Live. Free to LOVE! The Truth shall indeed set you FREE!

The moment i held my very first book, the tears began to roll down my eyes. Too many years i have been held back from fulfilling my purpose and calling here on earth. There was so much God wanted me to do but He was only giving me a bit at a time. I couldn't understand why i was not moving forward or why i was not a "finisher" I was a great "starter" but i was not able to finish things before i just gave up or moved on to the next thing. Especially concerning my career and education.

Today, i speak freely. I hold nothing back. I say what i need to say with LOVE and i keep it moving. I am free from anger. Bitterness. Sadness and bondage. I have never been so at peace and i have never experienced such inner joy. I am in love with The Truth. My pastor began to speak "truth" into my life (The Kingdom of God- The Word) 5 months ago and so he had already planted the seed. Then i survived a brain surgery (Dec 2011) which took me to another level of "Truth" and now the final conformation (that i must live by truth) was the release of my memoir.

I am ready for the next stage in my life. I have decided to take my book to another level. Some of you are probably guessing what that is. But as you know i do not like to share too much of what i am doing until "it is DONE" (lol) Stay tuned, as i trust i will have great news in the next coming weeks.

The e-book version of the book will be uploaded to my author site www.elizabethcorreia.comin the next couple of weeks (or sooner) we are currently going through corrections in the book to ensure it is ready for.....(can't tell) lol

Have a blessed and prosperous week.

Sealed with Love


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