Sunday, May 6, 2012

Renewing Our Minds....

Good morning ladies, this message is for my ladies. And if you are a man and reading this maybe you can share it with you lovely lady.

As I went on my morning walk this morning God put a message in my heart. I started to think of "what exactly a mindful woman is." It is a great privilege to me to have the opportunity to explore what so many of us women yearn for in our hearts but easily loose sight of  because of how crazy our world can get each day.

As woman we crave a peace of mind, we desire to have an open and peaceful heart. We want a sense of balance and purpose. We want to replace our fear with joy and we are desperate to love ourselves as deeply as we do others. We want to feel fulfilled and know that we matter.

Can transforming our minds to live mindfully grant us all our hearts desires? Well, I believe so. I know that personally I feel a lot more peaceful and balanced since discovering the practice of mindfulness. I am sure my recent brain surgery that nearly took my life came into play here. But I will also give credit to the level of my maturity. Is maturity an "age" thing? No not necessarily. I am just passionate about my commitment to increase mindfulness within me.

Why am I focused on typing this blog this morning? Well, I personally provide a great example of doing too many things at once (especially prior to surgery) and then becoming absentminded. We are busy doing five things while trying to focus on one! Like checking our emails and then suddenly stopping half-way through to wipe down the computer desk, along with the keyboard and then the chair and the screen....all of a sudden we are wiping down the legs of the chair because we are noticing specks of dust everywhere. We totally forgot about the emails we need to send out or return. If this sounds anything like you, then yes this message is for you.

These habits cause us to have restless sleeps at night. We become over-committed and tired, mentally. Resentful with the family and co-workers. We desire to change the world and want to do it five steps at a time instead of ONE. Most of us know that these behaviors result in poor health, damaged relationships, bad choices and negative work environments, to name a few affects.

Awareness is the step in making an empowering change. Having the knowledge and knowing that mindlessness creates stress, we can choose to take on mindfulness. Which takes us in the moment and places us in the reality of now. When we are not living our lives in "the now," there is no place for peace and balance to be rooted from. "Now" is when we can feel that we truly exist.

Why mindfulness......?
Being mindful is truly being alive! Mindfulness allows us to be present to our authentic self.
Mindfulness adds value and meaning to life. Mindfulness brings out the best in us. Mindfulness brings peace and joy.. Mindfulness brings gratitude. Mindfulness helps us to make healthy choices. Mindfulness helps us to love others more deeply but above all it helps us to love ourselves authentically. Mindfulness is being present to here and now. Mindfulness is simplifying your everyday life.

The benefits that come from practicing a mindful living make us as woman; happier from the inside, passionate about our lives, relaxed and fulfilled women.

After taking a Landmark course (again) just weeks after my surgery I was able to come back to the foundation of what I had somewhat lost along the way..after completing my courses there the first time, a year and a half ago, there was a very valuable message my forum leader shared with us; Awareness is the first step for both inner and outer change.

I realized that in order to treat myself with consistent love and compassion, I needed to wake up to what was happening in and around me. I knew that in order for me to do this I needed to begin with awareness. Without awareness my choices are limited and it becomes way to easy to get caught up in old habits over and over again.

Today, I want you to look yourself in the mirror (please do it) and say, " Today I chose to be a mindful woman. I gently and humbly chose to change my attitude and actions towards myself and others that are not loving and appropriate. Today I promise to appreciate the beauty around me and to remember to thank God for it. I promise myself to take moments to stop, look and feel. From this day forward I will celebrate all-of-me in order for me to teach others how to appreciate me. I love myself...I love myself. Today is a new day."

Sealed with LOVE,

Elizabeth Correia

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