Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Learn To Live By Faith!

We live by faith, not by sight - 2 Corinthians 5:7

I am about to head out the door for my (late) morning walk. But before i do so, I wanted to share some words from my heart. As it is my heart that's speaking.

Having come from the projects in downtown Toronto, I grew up not having much faith. I guess we can say it all started at home with dad. My trust and faith in people was crushed at an early age. However my Vuvo (grandmother) instilled the word of God in my life so that I may grow up and learn to depend on Gods word for strength, hope and encouragement. Although it took many years for me to "Get It" I got it.

Prior to my brain surgery there were many days I struggled to make ends meet. This has been the story of my life for many years. I chose to sell drugs and hustle for a means of money for most of my teen and early adult years. So obviously God was not going to make it easy. But, I have never gone without a comfortable home / roof over my head, food on the table and descent clothes for us all (my family) to wear. I have for the most part always had a vehicle and my children had everything the "needed" (not wanted). But since the surgery my faith in God has multiplied. Just weeks prior to that day in December (December 26 2011) the Lord led me to an awesome man of God, my Pastor (Bobby Sommers & his wife) who inspired more of Gods faith in me then I have ever had. Ever. Why? Because this time, I was led to The Truth. To love. I have This time I was desperate and hungry.

My prayers are different. More passionate. More fulfilling. And what I pray for comes to pass. Yes. That's right Faith sees ahead as if it were today. It sees the answer in the word of God. I don't and never have prayed for grocery money or money to pay the bills etc I pray and ask God to bless me according to His will. The only way faith comes is by believing, hearing and acting on God's Word. There is no other way for me. I tried it "the world's way" and it doesn't work for me.

I have let go of  IT ALL!! God knows my heart and sees ME! He sees you. So when I pray I give Him all of me and He knows this. I ask Him everyday to mold me...I desire Him as the author of my life. After-all He owns me! He had the power to do what so ever He desired with my life- December 26 2011 He chose to give me my life BACK! Please don't get it twisted GOD ALONE did this.

In the past few months many doors have been opening for me. I do not BOAST about this. I am humbled by this. Truly. Showing off has never been my thing. I am nothing but a speck of dust. I give all the glory to God. Because if i dare step out of line it will all be taken. I have been sending seed-faith gifts into my life, my journey, street ministry, purpose and calling on my life, and I am not asking for the harvest I need. I am EXPECTING IT! It is already done. Period.

Have a prosperous and blessed week.

Sealed with LOVE!


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