Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Make The Time..................

I have been battling the cold since my Captain, soon to be 4 year old, passed it onto me. Sleeping at night has been a challenge due to the stuffiness.....OR.....i believe it is due to my Saviour wanting to stay up and talk a little. There were many times prior to my operation, he would awaken me and i would say, "but Lord i am soooo tired, can we chat when i get up." I need you now because you are going to get too BUSY, when you wake up.

This time, i listen. I meditate on His words and i answer. Most of the visions i have been blessed with lately  are occurring in the middle of the night. I remember a time, just recently (before Dec 26) when i would awake at night and would not be able to go back to sleep and not think anything of it, apart from why on earth can't i sleep right now?

I tossed all night and finally shut my eyes after 3am, i awoke laying on my left side of my body by just opening my eyes very suddenly. I was face to face with His beautiful creation. The big bright full moon we had this morning at 5:20am I am still here starring at it. So real and so close up. There is a Juliet balcony in my bedroom, therefore the side i sleep on faces the long glass door with all windows accessing the balcony. It is moving slowly and has now moved out of sight. But i can't stop thinking about, "why God created that big bright ball." Imagine living n a pitch dark world, when it is already scary out there as it is,,, .Hhhm i am sure many scientists  would love to create something like "a moon" lol.

I said a small prayer last night after my bible study class, and expected to sleep straight through the night and sleep in (Captain slept at dads). However, He wanted more of me. What a feeling huh? So i stayed up and let me tell you, His presance is all over this room. When you feel Him so closely, you can't help but to start talkin, lol! Because He is right there beside you.

The Lord wanted me for Himself 100% and wanted to bring pure joy into my life. So He brought me out of the enemies hands and promised that "if i draw nearer to Him and promise to put Him first above all things, He will never leave me nor forsake me. Above all He tells me if i desire this intimate relationship with Him, He will never let me  down. He will bring me through the toughest storms and protect me from all harm. But i must awake when He moves me and MAKE THE TIME.............for communication" He keeps His word.

I may or may not go back to sleep, or i may just lay here enjoying more of Him.

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