Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Key That Can Lock Your Understanding.....'s all inside of you.
Unconditional Love!

I am home, relaxing and drinking an organic green tea that i have sweetened with a dose of organic honey! Yummy! All morning i have been soaking my soul and spirit in the sweet sounds of  my favorite gospel singers. I love it when the presence of God is dancing in my home. It brings a sense of peace and joy.
 My silly

I see it in the faces of my boys as they crack their jokes and discuss their new cooking discoveries. Even when they are silent and focused on the Food Channel (they are both studying Culinary in school and are Chefs at "Earl's Dining) and say nothing, i see the peace of God in their eyes. I see through their souls. It is so amazing.
The blessing God brought into my life...

I dare you to try God for a month! There will be no other being that you will look too.

Enjoy this beautiful song. Close your eyes and feel the music while you pay attention to the lyrics. Let me know what happens.

Love you and thank you for encouraging me to be the best i can be. xoxoxoxo

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