Thursday, October 14, 2010


I was up late last night working on a few projects and stumbled across a few pictures and biographies of some of the women that have played an important role in socitey. From there, i just went from page to page searching pictures of influential women.

I have come up with a list of my FAV ones.

Now of course many of you have already guessed who is going on this list FIRST (LOL I'm laughing to myself. I bet you are too)

Jennifer Lopez. I love her for the obvious

She is an icon. She has come from so far and above all she NEVER gave up! She is business minded and has always seemed to be grounded. I admire her strength. She is a go- getter. She is successful in every way. She has survived the good and bad in all she has has been invoved with and finally she openly admits even married, she is still trying to "figure out this whole love-thing"

How could anyone not see the beauty in her?

Eva Mendes. This woman has class and can be silly and act the fool and still be STUNNING...all at the same time.

She has played many different roles and has proven to be very versatile. Wether in a pair of jeans and white T or a beautiful gown, this woman rocks!

Sade....She is my absolute FAV!

Selena Breed....…

Hershey Pascual

Tamia & Family

Whitney Houstan...i will never stop loving her...

Charlez Theron- True simplicity

Iylana Vanzant

Joyce Meyer- This may sound crazy but i strive to be just like this woman one day. What a woman of God.

Maya Angelou - She has all the words to heal my heart.

                                                  Michelle Obama - A total package  
Ladies these are just a few ladies that have left a mark i my soul, spirit and heart for whatever reasons. I an individual love for all of them. Wether its old school days, education, poetry, inner beauty....all of the above.

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