Monday, October 18, 2010

Ali MacGraw- Ageless

Ali is an American actress born in New York April 1 1938 (72 years old) She began as a photographic assistant at Harper's Bazaar Magazine, and later went in front of the camera as a fashion model. In 1961 she found measure of stardom in Goodbye Columbus, but her "fame" happened in 1970 in Love Story, for which she was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress.

Despite the drama Ali has faced in her personal life, relationships and fame, she was a very strong woman and always wore a smile. She was and is a fashion icon and also an animal rights advocate throughout her life.

From 1961 to '62 she was married to Banker Robin Hoen. October 24 1969 she then met and married film producer Robert Evans, becoming the third of his seven wives. She gave birth to his child Josh Evans who was born Jan 1971. They divorced a year later after Ali became involved with Steve McQueen on the set of The Getaway. They later divorced and Ali has not yet remarried. Despite the break-up both openly admit to being very much in love.

MacGraw speaks about love & relationships and has said in an interview she did for Vanity Fair "I'm an incredible romantic- it runs me"

Ali has charisma about her. She is so artistic and enchanted. Intellectual with a Bohemian glamour. She earned every penny to her name and had the emotional scars and discipline as well as the cultural sophistication that came from growing up around artists. Her depth resonated.

Above all things, this woman (to me) was a fashion icon. From the research i have done, every girl in America in the early '70's wanted to look like Ali MacGraw.

"She exemplified this great American Style" recalls Calvin Klein.

Apparently the 10 top-office names in 1971 were nine men and one woman. That one woman was Ali MacGraw. She became a STAR overnight.

Ali epitomizes natural BEAUTY. She may not be drop dead GORGEOUS to many, but she is simple in her own beauty and style.

This lady was my pick of the month ;-)))


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