Friday, September 3, 2010

Straight? or Wild?

Which do you prefer? What is in? What is out?
(Ok, you can get your mind out of the gutter now lol)

Hair! Curly, straight, short, long, to the left, right?? Which one?
Well it is not about what is in or not or what everyone else is doing. Is it what fits you best.

Many trend-setters today are going for classic hairstyles straight out of the 60's, 70's and 80's. You see shorter bobs and cuts now more then ever!

If you have long hair I'm sure you ask yourself almost every morning "Should i wear it up or down...curly or straight?"
The options are truly endless and in this day and age, pretty much any hairstyle or cut you want can be YOURS!

Of course first impressions count. For me, they are most important for things like; job interviews, business meetings, business events or meeting the in-laws. For many years i was married to my "flat-iron" Actually i would say at least 10 years or more. For the longest time until my 30's i was convinced men preferred women with straight hair (hey i was young lol)
But, i always had the option of changing my visual impression when meeting someone new, si it did not matter much to me what anyone thought.

I had the opportunity the past couple days to do a small survey out of curiosity to question a few men. Co-workers, family members, brothers and friends.
I asked, " Do you prefer women with curly hair or straight?"

The men that answered "curly" were almost all from an ethnic background. Spanish, Portuguese, Indian, black, curls! While the Caucasian men said "straight" Well more then half did.

Now, for all the women i surveyed, their answer was "curly" I was shocked! The only women who answered "straight" were women who like myself, had naturally curly hair.
When i asked what their impressions were on both, they answered;

Curly = "Fun, sexy, wild, young, playful...."

Straight = "Sophisticated, classy, older...."

I kind of get the feeling women want to be seen as "fun and younger" Hmmmm

Now, i sure did not straighten my hair daily years ago to seem more "sophisticated" LOL! It just felt "prettier and longer"
Today, i have it cut very short and totally LOVE my "locks" I have come to adore and appreciate my natural clolr and hair.

Although both curly and straight are FAB, truly it is about YOU wearing the hair NOT the hair wearing you!

I do admit however; for some strange reason when I'm getting ready for a business meeting i straighten my hair. But that is now only once in a blue moon. I still do not know exactly why, but i do.

Curls are beautiful and women would kill to have naturally curly hair. So ladies, love and appreciate your curls. Care for them.
I would like to introduce you to the best products in the entire universe:
Ohhh my goodness...they are .....hhhmmm if i could eat it, i would!
I have not used moose or any form of hairspray/gel in a few years and my hair is healthier then it was when i was a teenager!

If you have curls, get to a salon that sells these products ASAP!
Wait don't get me wrong, this product is equally as amazing for women with straight hair!

So ladies, straight, wild...i LOVE it all! Women are beautiful in all forms, shapes, colors.

Luv ya!

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