Monday, September 27, 2010

LONG Scandal

This has been a great time for family and friends to take a few open punches at me. When the "Long" scandal hit the radio and TV stations, my family and friends who are NOT saved decided to express their thoughts openly to me, regarding "church and leaders"

This did not surprise me as i have been hearing their comments for years now ;-) Gotta love them. lol

I was deciding whether or not i wanted to blog about this until today. After reading and watching a few videos on you tube, i decided to express myself just a little. I don't want to say too much but I will say this…

My problem is not so much that "Bishop may be gay or bisexual" (which ever you prefer to use) But more so that the media is focused on the wrong thing. Web blasts and titles appear to emphasize on whom rather than what or how.

In my opinion, sexual encounters among men should not be equal credence to sexual abuse or use of parishioners under the pretence of guidance and mentoring. To make this a "gay" thing only takes away from what this really is.

I'm not here to comment on my personal thoughts of this man. For I will admit, I once highly admired him BEFORE discovering who he really was behind closed doors. Unlike many of you, i have been aware of his "differences" for a long time now.

I watched the video of Long's service at New Birth this past Sunday, and after hearing so many comments on how confused his members left the service that evening due to his humour and cockiness on the pulpit, I concluded that it was not in his control to perform how he usually does. This man was obviously very nervous and therefore acted out in an unfamiliar manner to the thousands who regularly sit in his congregation every Sunday.

People this is NOT a joke. This is real.

It truly breaks my heart as a child of God, to see so many men and women use their influence to force or talk young people into having sex. Using their position of their authority to persuade a young employee/person in various forms of misconduct, is very disturbing.

This man is second-to-none when it comes to mega pastors and is a historical figure.

When God comes down on his children, he does so on His TIME.

Many may be wondering "Why now" or "If this was true why would these guys wait so many years" That is NOT our place to question this, people. There are many reasons why one would wait or be afraid to come forward. Especially young boys! For obvious reasons, of course.

God has a funny way or should i say a "real" way of exposing things. He speaks to us on a constant basis. If, or course, we have a relationship with Him. We know right handed RIGHT from WRONG. However our/their flesh takes over. They sit back and think "But i am enjoying the perks, the gifts, the lavish lifestyle, the position and power too much to stop" So God says "Ok son/daughter than you are on your own"

God assists in bringing us to our highest peek and makes sure we get there if He is apart of the plan. He observes and takes note of all our falls along the way. He helps us get back up each time we do fall. He assists in making us stronger and brings us to a higher light and level. But then we take advantage of Him and start doing our own thing. We no longer pray or read our word. We start living according to our flesh and not spirit. We pretty much slap God in His face. To be blunt. So when we are on cloud 100000 thinking we got it all under control under our sin, God says "Oh yeah, now you went or are going to far and i am going to show you that I AM REAL"

So my people STOP giving the devil so much credit. Saying "oh Satan is after our leaders and churches" YES of course he is, he has always been. But what does that have to do with what God is doing??? Why can't it be God that is doing this?

Yes, there is nothing illegal about sleeping with a 21 year old boy or girl. There is also nothing illegal about being gay and this does not make him a child molester. However people, he is a married spiritual leader with four children. Let's please keep this in mind. Not so much that it was boys and not girls or their young ages but the fact that he is a leader to thousands and has a wife who i am sure is going through hell right now. Please keep in mind that NO CHILD would want to hear this disturbing news about their father. Just imagine what it must be like living in their shoes right now. This is a very sad story.

After this woman witnessed her husband lead a march not too long ago against gay marriage, she would assume her husband has got to be 100% innocent. If this case/scandal is true, i can NOT imagine just how much self hatred a person needs to have to fight against the very thing he represents.

My friends- let us not focus on the fact that "a man had sex with young boys" There is nothing surprising about that. Look around you. It's everywhere. But this man is a bishop. A leader. A legend who is leading thousands to Christ while living a double life. Truly, what is Christ thinking? If the members knew for sure he was gay, would they be following him? Seriously would they?

I have read comments from people saying "Well no man or woman is perfect" (this seems to be a constant excuse in the churches today) Ok, i don't think we are asking for a perfect leader. While, yes i do agree we are not perfect, but if you are clearly battling with such a spirit for so many years, GET help!

Is this apart of Gods program when he assigns His leaders and Sheppard’s? Does God expect us to fall? YES OF COURSE he does. But is this falling? Or is this simply making a mockery of who God truly is. Committing this sin simply because YOU CAN! (so you think)

I know first hand that miracles are REAL and i also know that God is able to heal this man and the many that are living in deep rooted sin such as this. As leaders, we must recognize that somehow a spirit has taken control over our minds and thoughts and has led us to lust and desire ungodly things. These men lay their hands on thousands of people who are battling with demonic and ungodly spirits and if they are not prayed for after they pray for these people then that spirit can easily manifest in them as well. Trust me friends, this is REAL. I'm NOT making excuses for this man. I'm just keeping it all real. I pray that Bishop Eddie Long takes this time out to repent (which will prove that he is sorry) and removes himself from the pulpit to heal and receive the deliverance he needs in order to lead.

We wonder why so many young men who were born and raised in the church are growing up gay? Well come on, do the math. This spirit is poured down from the HEAD. Was Satan not the chief musician? Well look at most of the worship male leaders and gospel singers! This is a curse from HELL. It is a spirit that WILL SPREAD if it not rebuked.

Living a double life while attending church services on a regular basis is not surprising. We are all somehow guilty of this. Whether it is gossiping… lying etc what is disturbing is the many years this has been going on for and if it was not exposed, how much longer would it continue?

For a moment, just think of the families involved.

For another moment think of the young men involved and how they could have easily grown up to be great God fearing men. But truly, what are the chances now? Imagine the extent of counsel these men will need. To be misled in the hands of one of the worlds leading Bishops, where does ONE turn too?

My heart is broken.

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