Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sex In The City "Girl's Jus Wanna Have Fun" Cocktail Home Party!

My D.e.v.a Ladies, its finally here.

Sunday August 22 2010 2:00PM -
Our very first Sex In The City:
Girl's Jus Wanna Have Fun Cocktail Gathering!

I'm totally excited for this event. A day that we, ladies - can get dressed up and enjoy some outdoor laughter, food and hey let's not forget the "Cosmo's"

Carla has offered to open her home (beautiful backyard) to entertain us for this event. Her and i saw the SITC 2 movie together along with other D.e.v.a Meetup gals and are on a total HIGH (lol)

For those of you who want to take it up a notch (like myself) you may choose to come as one of your favourite SITC characters.

Here is a brief description of our ladies-

Carrie- Daring! Vogue! Lot's of colours.

Samantha - Modern, sexy and lot's of colours.

Charlotte - Preppy, Park Avenue with plaid. Think Ralph Lauren.

Miranda- Professional but dorky with a lot of white.

Dare to be different!

You do not want to miss this exciting day with JUST THE LADIES!For more information please email me at
We must keep the location private as it is a residential location.

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