Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What Do You Want from Life?

There are way too many people who set goals to work hard and make money to 'just' get by. For this reason, they don't seem to get anywhere or do anything truly worthwhile.

The main reason they live this way is because they haven't spent much time planning out what they want from life or setting formal goals. I mean think about it, would you embark on an unknown journey without some form of plan? Or with no idea on the possible destination? For most of us, the answer is no. SO they simply wake up and just follow their routine.

Setting goals is a powerful and worthy process for planning out your ideal future, and for empowering yourself to turn your vision of this future into your reality. These goals will help you to choose exactly where you want to go and how you can get there. So if your goal is to backpack across Europe, well you'll have to also set financial goals to make this vision come to life. You'll also want to include dates and plan what you'll need for the journey. It involves more than just stating what you'd like to do.

We also need to set goals on how to avoid distractions.

Why Set Goals?

The world's top achievers; athletes, artists, doctors, lawyers, performers, speakers and pretty much anyone who has accomplished more than the average- were and are BIG goal setters. Goal setting gave these achievers long term vision.  Let's face it- it also helps you to focus your time on worthwhile things. 

"If you don't decide how to live, you've already decided NOT to live" Anthony Robbins

How to Start:

  • First think of your 'BIG PICTURE' of what exactly you want to do with your life
  • Then break 'it' down into smaller and smaller goals that will ultimately get you to that BIG PICTURE
  • Once you have this plan, you start working on it by targeting those 'smaller' goals

 Setting Your Life-Time Goals:

First you must consider what is important you and what you want to achieve in your life, or better yet, in the next 10 years. This will give you an overall perspective that shapes your decision making.

Try to set goals in these areas:

Career- What do you want to achieve? What level do you want to reach? What projects do you want to organize? Awards you'd like to win? Partnerships you'd like to form?

Adventure- What are some of the exciting things you want to do or dream about doing? Maybe you want to learn to ski or visit Alaska (uuggg not me). Perhaps study another language or go backpacking across Europe. Only YOU know what those dreams are.

Physical- Do you desire to live a healthier lifestyle? If so, how will you accomplish this? Do you have a sugar or pop addiction? Do you want to loose or gain weight...maybe join a gym or a runners club?

Community - What are your plans to give back? Would you like to volunteer for a women's shelter or a youth centre? Maybe plan a fundraising event for a local animal shelter. Adopt a child?

Personal Development - Does your attitude need an adjustment? Do you struggle with unforgiveness? If so, what are some of the things you can do to change that? Do you want to take Etiquette classes or anger management workshops?

Family- Do you want to get married? If so, what are some of the values you hope to your future partner has? Do you want children? If so, how many? What kind of parent do you want to be? What will some of your house-hold rules be? Do you visit with family members often? If not, how many times a month or year would you like to see them?

Now select ONE goal per category in which you will achieve in ONE year.

Consider trimming your list down if you have to many goals. You want to be realistic. Remember this list is your 'Lifetime Plan' not short term plan.

Step 2: Set Smaller Goals

Now set a 3-5 year plan of smaller goals that you need to complete in order to reach your lifetime plan. So if one of your plans is to be 'motivational speaker' write down a few goals of what you will do to achieve this plan. Perhaps join a Toastmasters Club or start practicing in small groups.

Now once you've created this list, create a one year plan, six month plan and a one month plan of significantly smaller goals to reach- to achieve your lifetime goals.

Now in a separate notebook, create a daily To-Do-List of things that you should do NOW / today to work towards your BIG VISION.

Some of my smaller goals were achieved by simply reading books. For instance, for self-development goals, I read a lot of self-help books. You cannot leave the BIG goals empty or they won't be achieved. Plan plan plan....

Lizzy's Tip:

Remember to set time lines for each goal. If you want to start your own business, make sure to write down dates and the amount to do so, next to it. Make sure you give each goal a priority so that you can direct your attention to the most important ones.

When you've achieved a goal, big or small, reward yourself.

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