Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dedicated to Street Projects

As many of you may already know about 5 years ago I started an outreach program called Project Blanket. The desire for this project came at a very early age in my life while I myself roamed those downtown streets hustling to make a living. Only God knows why and how I never ended up touching (smoking) the drugs I was selling. However many of the men and women I grew up with did just that. They ended up experimenting- only to find themselves hooked to poison. As I watched many people deteriorate I often told myself if I ever made it out of that neighborhood, I would go back to make a difference any little way I could.
I started giving back to my community as a child. Hhhmm you're probably wondering how that could have been possible? Well, while walking to school we'd often bump into the homeless people roaming around, and I would take my sandwich out of my lunch bag and give it to them. At times when I was stealing gums and candies, I would purposely go looking for them-to give them some sweets. I chatted with them. I hugged them. In the strangest way I admired them.
Years ago my son (Keeno) went on a school trip with his class to hand out mini lunches to the homeless. When he came home he went on and on about how rewarded he felt and suggested we do the same one day-soon. Strangely enough, they went right into my block (lol) to do this. I am sure this had a huge impact on his life. To see where I grew up.
Well, just a couple of months later, I decided to launch a blanket project. I sent out emails to friends and family asking for blankets and before I knew it, I had over 200 blankets for the homeless. We went downtown and what was meant to be a 1-2 hour drop off ended up being a whole day. We sat and chatted with drug addicts, prostitutes and homeless folk. We listened to their stories and encouraged them to believe that THERE IS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL!
That day changed my life-forever. From then on I continued to do outreach drives for the homeless. I bring my children with me and I welcome all other youth to come out as well. There is something powerful that transpires in the lives of our youth when they get out there and interact with these individuals- who are wayyyy less fortunate then they are. I encourage you to bring your children out for a good cause.
In saying this, it is that time of year again (winter):
Street Projects is collecting winter items ONLY
Socks, hats, gloves and scarves
I only ask that you take a few moments to stop over at Dollarama or Wal-Mart and spend $10 to make this small BIG difference. Whether these individuals can do better or not, is irrelevant. Unlike you and I, they weren't able to fight their warfare.
Love Heals.
This is an act of love.
To donate your items please email me at

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