Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Come On Ladies, Laugh A Little!

There are thousands of medical studies that show that laughter is good medicine? But honestly, Why do we need studies about something that is so obvious?

For me, acting silly or getting in the mud with my 5 year old brings deep laughter to my soul. Laughter is an amazing healing tool. A good laugh stimulates the heart and respiratory system and even lowers blood pressure. Maybe this is why internally, I still feel 25!

Laughter protects us from the ravages of negative Emotion.

Even if there is nothing to laugh about in your life; make it happen! This may sound crazy, but the one person I have the most fun with, is ME! I sit and watch comedy movies and laugh my little behind off, alone. Laughter to me has always been my bulletproof vest :-)

Create an environment for yourself where your your mind, body and spirit will thrive.

Make a commitment that from this day forth you will look at the world as a positive place and believe me, you will have more fun and you will be more fun to be around. You will likely have better health too.

Growing up, I had VERY little to laugh about. Actually, that goes for most of my life. But why is it that I laughed almost everyday ALL day. Even while facing some of the hardest challenges in my life, I always found things to laugh about :-) It was something I mastered as a child. A survival tool for my siblings and I. And I carried this tool with me right into adulthood. I thank God for the heart of joy He has blessed me with.

Apparently while my eyes could barely open when I woke up from brain surgery, I not only made everyone in the room laugh, I was also laughing at my own jokes. I have very little memory of this but it goes to show you; laughter has always been my healing tool.

I challenge you to take this on.

Love, Lizzy

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