Monday, April 2, 2012

[M.I.] Story...A Toxic Playground of Inspiration and Bravery

Shortly after my surgery i started rethinking my "head shots" and realized that i needed to have a photo-shoot taken  as soon as i was satisfied with my new hair length. Well, emmediately after i began to deeply desire this "new head shot" i received a call from Saunia & Sonia, Founders of and creators of Mi Sister's Closet' Blog offering a free photo-shoot along with an interview conducted by both of these beautiful (chosen) ladies. Of course, i jumped for joy and got on it! We scheduled the interview and shoot and let me tell you, everything on Gods time. It was absolutely perfect.

"We ALL have a journey! Lets not let our tribulations define who we are! But let the footprints of our journey lead us to Triumph! Look....its not how much further you have to go BUT how far you have come. EVERY step was custom design for YOU!" These were the words they left me with. It is not often in life you come across such amazing authentic and empowering women. Twins, at that. Their passion and compassion for people shouts out through their ART!

We shared the same love for people, faith in our youth, a love for those unfortunate or left behind and the hunger for more of God in "us." Individually. As they shared more about their journey, their eyes lit up in anticipation for seeing Gods plan come to pass in their lives. At times, i wondered how i did not shed a tear or two, knowing i cry for almost everything (lol). 
It was obvious to me that these twin sisters shared a deep bond that began in the womb. They were / are a  breath of fresh air and it was a great privilege for me to have the opportunity to be interviewed and photographed by them.

Every night when i lay down and pray with my Captain (my 4 year old) i ask that God sends beautiful people (inside-out) into our lives and uses us to impact their lives positively with LOVE and UNITY. More and more i can see that God is truly answering my prayers. I made a vow to Him when i survived the surgery, that from that day forth, my life did not belong to me. I gave myself Him. The great One. He is in control of my life and from what i can see, He is doing a mighty fine job. I thank God, that He chose MI :-) for this journey.

My Story! A Toxic Playground of Inspiration and Bravery 
By, Melanie Gordon (My PR Manager)

Active imaginations of children can have them fearing the boogeyman in the closet, a monster under the bed or a bully at the playground, but for a young girl growing up in an environment of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, Elizabeth Correia’s playground was toxic.

No stranger to obstacles and adversity, Elizabeth’s resilience and courage to survive numerous foster homes, witnessing murder, life on the streets, domestic violence and a twenty year old brain tumor, have led her to many notable achievements. Elizabeth’s enlightening spirit and determination to live life with a purpose shines through with her love for her children, her baby sister, her community and God. Full Article..... Mi Sister's Closet Blog 
Sealed with LOVE!

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