Friday, January 27, 2012

The 30 Second Rule!

Good day my readers. Hope you had an awesome day and hope you are smiling. It helps. I will always smile, till the day ( many years from now) the Lord is ready to dance with me :-)))

 My Naughty who brought laughter to the room everyday and sneaked a nurses outfit out of their

While in the hospital, there were many many stories i had heard from both the doctor's, nurses and above all patients. Life changing stories that truly gave me the appreciation, better yet strength, to be able to even walk down the hall more often then i should have. Every time  i saw a patient alone and sad, i stopped to put a smile on their face. I thanked God for all the love and support i had and knew right then and there that if i had been alone, i would not have made it. Most of these patients, actually all, were old. Over 60 and most in their 70's and 80's. I was surrounded by wisdom! :-) What better place would God place me.....for a short time. Every night the "code blue" was announced more then once..... I heard cries in the middle of the night from patients who knew they were alone and wanted a nurse or Dr. to comfort them. I sat and cried tears of sadness while listening to a Dr. comfort a nurse that said she "doesn't like to be alone." She was 82 years old. He told her stories that made her laugh and stayed with her until she fell asleep. I guess i fell asleep too.

Every time they did a shift turn over, and there were many, as it was Christmas, all the part timers were working, the nurses would come in to do an assessment (every 2 hours) and with a big smile say, "ohhh my yess you are are the young one....oh look at are so tiny, you are the miracle you look so strong, it's def your age huh?" I would answer, "no, it's God." We'd have a genuine laugh to that one. lol. I was surrounded by nothing but LOVE. I have described this entire experience as heavenly. I do not know what other word to use. Yes the nurses and doctor's sat with many of these old angels to comfort them, but the same ones sat and shared many tears of joy with me as well. It did not matter who the patient was. It was pure compassion. I did not know that nurses were allowed to hug patients and it was all i got and saw around me every day. I had never laughed this much in my life. They could hear my visitors from down the hall laughing and said they wanted to join There are tears in my eyes as i remember the feeling so well. One nurse (one of my fav) would sit and share stories of her 15 year daughter who survived bone cancer and a rough journey at 13. I never wanted to talk about my incident because it was nothing compared to hers. Her tears pierced through me and all i could feel was God. In me and in her. EVERY nurse or Dr. i was surrounded by was Christian or spiritual. Maybe Catholic, i am guessing. I was truly in the arms of an angel.

Many nights, because i couldn't sleep, i would visit the 24-hour care room i was in for the first part of my stay, and i would stand and converse with these beautiful nurses. All women and one man, Jerry. Ohhh Jerry was a shining star. Lovely. Filled with compassion and perfectly chosen by God for this purpose. It was at these times i learned what it was to live a simple life. It was at these hours, while these souls are fast asleep, where i would stand and peep at them to ask God to please be by their side and take away their pain. It was these late hours that i would comfort a little old lady or man who was unable to sleep , like myself, walking up and down the hall ways. I was able to go at a faster pae but went very slow, at their pace, so i was one of them. It was these late hours where  a Dr. shared with me and said. "you know Elizabeth, what most people do not see is that the causes to all sicknesses starts with stress. You may not be a nurse or doctor but we need more people to speak on this and help one another to understand that stress will destroy you. Not instantly, but slowly. This is where cancer,  liver, kidney, heart and brain sicknesses come from. It ALL starts with stress. We must try and live like children or toddlers, they feel an angry or sad emotion now and in seconds they are playing and laughing with no memory of what upset them. I call this THE 30 SECOND RULE." I was speechless. His last words truly gave me an "AHA MOMENT." Ohhh my, i thought, that is so easy. "Scream if you have to, cry, yell....but promise yourself that you will do it for only 30 seconds or a minute at most. Face the person or problem and say, ok it's been a minute so gotta go." Wow that is so easy. Ok i will try it.

It dawned on me, that we know this stuff. Yet why do we do this to ourselves. Why do we hand people our souls to step on, spit on and destroy? We MUST stop. WE MUST STOP. Take  complete of what belongs to you! Your God given life. Let's put a final end to our pain.... that we have this control of. Let's get rid of this poison and start pouring in vegetable juices, vitamins, fruits, almond milk, herbal teas, fiji water, and love.

 Baby sis and i loving each second of this new journey...

I just wanna take it easy and show God that I KNOW i have survived and will not take it mightily.  I LIVE FOR HIM ALONE!!!
I love you all. Take care of one another but please find a stranger, sick patient, homeless person or sick child to take care of as well. Even just one.


  1. Liz every time I read another page that you have written it gives me strength and a sense of peace. For this I want to thank you so much. As you continue your journey know that you are a remarkable young women.
    Your friend Shelley

  2. Shelley, my childhood friend, when i write, i write for you all. I have the same weaknesses that so many of us women strengthens me to write words of wisdom. It forces me to do the right thing even when it kills. If we see it as helps; inner pain hurts...inner peace feels so good. It is the peace we have got to put our inner focus on. It is the pain we have got to kick out of out bodies, spirits....When you are told that something that could have taken your life is a huge cause of stress, your only focus is to do whatever it takes to never allow that poison (stress) back in. I am working on a seminar for us ladies. I want to help us all more then ever. We women are each other's best friends and helpers, yet most of us don't believe that. It is a lie from hell. Love you hun! Thank you.