Thursday, December 22, 2011

I'm Running On Low Today!

A few days ago, my little one (Captain) ran into the kitchen and said "mommy mommy i saw a mouse" in an excited way. As if he had found it, killed it and had it in his hand (lol) I did not believe him but there was a small part of my that did. I brushed it off. Just goes to show you, we must listen to our kids. Anyhow last night my two older ones, Kirk and Keeno came into my room all excited and said, "mom, you know that mouse that Captain said he saw? We just saw it and tried to get it but we don't know where he ran off too." NOW I WAS UP AND SCARED TO DEATH! I said a bunch or things; Get it, Kill it, how did it get in here, this house is so clean and it's bran new...ohhh myyyy...ohhhh myyyy....and can't remember the rest. I got out of bed and ran downstairs to see where they saw it.

Let me tell you this, i would never imagine a mouse would want anything to do with a "clean house." I mean why would he/she/it? There is nothing to munch on, on the floors or dirty corners to hide in. But, much to my surprise, because we live in a bran new complex that is still under major construction, apparently the winter days are too cold for these little buggers, so they run in for heat through open cracks or holes.

Okkkk, i have not slept all night. I am totally running on LOW today. I could not stand the idea of having that bugger all up in my space! Like nooowayyy!!!! I woke up, drove Captain to school and headed straight to Canadian Tire to purchase whatever trap kills these guys FAST! I bought 5 packs of "stuff" and when i came home, i did not even want to touch the traps. I woke up my son Kirk, and made him do it. He stood there laughing at me. One of the traps that came in a pack had 4 individual traps in it. It's the cardboard's with the sticky glue on it and when the mouse steps on it, he gets stuck and dies. Now my only problem is, i will see it dead on the board. Oh goodness. The other ones are the regular traps.

All i have to say is, it better hurry up and get caught or i am calling the pest control (lol) Oh what a day. I am sitting in the dining room listening out for it (lol) I can't believe i am so afraid of something that is the smaller then my pinky finger. Ohhh boyyyy......

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  1. Oh Liz honey you are not the only ones scared of those, you are actually more brave then I am because I wouldn't have gone to see where the kids saw the way!
    I remember a few years back before I bought my house I had been renting a basement apartment on Dufferin st. and one night while watching t.v I saw a mouse on the other side of the room jumping back and forth over my purse.....let me tell you I didn't touch my purse for 4 days, just because I thought the bugger might still be inside,and within 2 weeks I found another apartment to live in!...if I'm watching something on t.v and something comes on that involve the hearing or seeing of mice I change the channel. Those things scare me Hun thank you so much for sharing your lifes journey with me, everyday I look forward to reading what you might have written for the day. Liz you give me so much hope and joy. God Bless! Lots of love from your friend Shelley