Thursday, June 10, 2010

Let's Get Personal!

As i was contimplating on what to blog about this week or for the next few weeks and taking down notes, i decided to dedicate these next couple of months to "Getting To Know The Real You"

What is that? Or who am i speaking about?

Well, i have chosen a few people from different walks of life to interview.

Women or men who have:
- made it from nothing to something
- are misunderstood for one reason or another

or who are:
- Artists
- Entrepreneurs
- Mother/Wife/Woman
- Personal life changing stories
- Counselors
- Dying
or who want to:
- Share their story
- Reveal a secret
- Promote or advertise their business
- Share their hobbies
- Clear the air

Most importantly, these will be up and close interviews. All these individuals were personally chosen by me.

For one reason or another, they inspired me to want to know more about who they are. What? When? How? And Why? There will be a few interviews with people who i know very well and again, chose them for personal reasons.

I have spoken to many women and men who are feeling misjudged, and have struggled for some time to come to terms with not only the ways they have been misjudged but also their emotions about it. I have been misjudged myself, and can totally understand where these individuals are coming from. Although, much of the situations we are being judged for, may be true, however does that give us the right to attack individuals for their mistakes? Does it give "us" (me-because we are all at fault for it) the right to turn our backs on people who live a sinful lifestyle or who are hooked on drugs, prostituting, selling drugs to make a living, have committed adultery? Came from nothing to something - so now we start bringing up this persons past. Or what about those individuals who started a business and failed at success? Or the woman who was left with 5 children, alone, for the mistakes of her husband/partner but is now looked at as low class citizen becuase she is struggling to make ends meet.

Then there was that curiousity in me that wanted to interview individuals who have a success story, a heart breaking story, a life changing story. Or the man/woman that is just fed up and wants to clear the air about something personal, or perhaps wants others to know who they really are and not the mistakes they have made.

Our STORY is just that "OUR" story. We are responsible for our story. We can change, make or break our story. In knowing this, we must NOT be afraid to share OUR STORY! There is beauty in revealing who you are. The real you. There is something appealing about not being afraid to "BE YOU" To tell the truth, although the truth may hurt. To admit to needing help. To admit to taking all the wrong roads in life to get to your ideal destination, or one that brought you to a pit.

Because at the end of the day, we all, you and i, have desires, pain, feelings, goals, dreams, favourite dishes, crushes, insecurities, fears, fantasies, needs, wants, failures, accomplishments, regrets, and above all a hunger to LIVE!

If we took the time to really get to know someone, ask meaningful questions about who they really are and not why they do what they do, we would be surprised at the inner beauty we will find in each and every individual. If we would stop for a minute to try and understand others or maybe feel what it would be like to walk and live in their shoes daily - it would change our lives.

I decided what better way to start then to have an "up close and personal" with MYSELF. However, i will not be interviewing myself, as that wouldn't make much sense now, would it? So i chose an acquaintance who has not known me for very long to ask me anything her heart desires.

We will be conducting this interview this week and i will post it for all to see and read :-)

If you are interested in being interviewd or would like to share your story, call me, and we will go from there.

Stay sweet and God bless you!


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  2. This is awesome Lizzy. I can't wait to read all these interviews. What a great idea sweety.