Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Favourite Childhood "Hobby"

Not to long ago i attened a workshop and one of the questions were "what is your favourite pass time?" While many things came to mind, i realized these were all things i did in my earlier years (between 10-17) lol Some of these things i still do, however many were my hobbies as a child. Like running, sewing, reading, writing, beading, socializing and the list goes on.

The speaker then said "for those of you who find you have to much time on your hands or just don't have a hobby at all because there is not enough time to figure out what you would love to do.......think back to what you LOVED doing as a child" All the women in the class began to put up their hands and comment on what is was they loved doing as a child.

"Drawing, painting, double dutch, baking, playing pretend teacher and student, making jewellery, writing, putting projects together, cleaning....." and the list went on.

The speaker then commented "Well whatever it was that you came up with, that is what you need to start doing as early as this week"

There were many "oohhs and awwws" there after. Many women including myself were surprised at how true this was. It did not take me long before i realized that nothing will make you happier then what made you happy as a child.

We were then told to write these things down and start doing them one by one.

My list went a little something like this:
Catering to friends and family at home
Making jewellery
Making people laugh

So far i have began 7 of these hobbies. I only wrote the list a few months back.
As the months go on i will add to this list, but not until i have done all of the above and continue to do. It is not a part time list for the "Now" it is something i would like to continue.

Then a great friend of mine and personal make up artist, Nicole Stilleto, mentioned that she wrote a list out of 100 things she would like to accomplish or do in her lifetime, and wanted to start getting people to do the same as she has a plan to get 100 people to do this. Well, i have decided i will put in some time in May to write my "100 List" A few things on that list will consist of:
My Boaters License
Back to school
Start my own Talk Show
........and cant give it all away. DONT steel my ideas lol

I think you should do the same.

Ladies, every successful person has a daily To-Do List. I encourage you to start doing this as of tonight.

Every night before i go to bed, i write down my "to-do's" for the following day. As i accomplish each goal, i check it off. Whatever i did not do gets added to the next day.

I have given you a few things to think about. Let me know how it goes.

Luv, Elizabeth

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