Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Why am i here?

If you are not a Christian and have heard anything about Christianity, you may have heard much more about the bad then the good. We bet you have heard stories about church money scandals, pastors, betrayal, and the list can go on. But like all influential people and things people do not regularly talk about the life changing testimonies, the survival stories or the lives that have been touched and transformed.

May i remind you what church is all about? It is not a place where you go to hang out for just something to do, or a place to go and find a mate, wear your going out clothes, or watch people, just to be noisy. It is God saying to his children of all cultural backgrounds, addictions, bad habits, all ages and sizes who will for the most part have nothing at all in common except the desire to change and live “Wake up, love one another, be the best you can be and here are the ingredients”

Gods desire for us to be in and serve his kingdom was never suppose to be so difficult and political. But isn’t that life no matter where you go or who you know? There is nothing you or we can do to stop the bad stuff from happening all around us. The church is not exempted. After all isn’t the church a place for the sick? Please do not take this out of context.

Becoming a Christian for us (Elizabeth & Vanessa –DEVA) did not mean we became holy over night or that we claim to be now and it did not make our bad habits disappear or our life stress free. It opened our spiritual eyes (which were closed) to what needed to be fixed, healed and delivered. We were given the wisdom and knowledge we lacked while we were in the world. Our walk is not and will never always be easy, however after trying almost everything else from self-help books, counselling, studying religions and other methods of self healing, there was no other way for us. This was the best decision we have ever made. People will not always understand why you or we have decided to become a man or woman of God, but they will see you carry a sense of satisfaction and joy that was not there before.

Why do we follow Jesus? Why not?

Jesus was and is the greatest teacher. He is best qualified to teach us what life is about and how to live it. Family, business, children, politics, laws, relationships, forgiveness and much more can all be found in his book of life. The Bible. It is ok to think and feel that Jesus thinking and teaching is difficult. His disciples may have felt the same way. In John 6:68 Jesus asked his disciples if they were thinking of leaving him. They replied “Lord, to whom can we go? You have the words of eternal life.”

Christians and church is not perfect so do not expect it to be. In all actuality, men and woman of God are attacked everyday by the enemy & temptations. Only we have been given the recipe to defeat them, we don’t always defeat them but we do have the right recipe.

When Steve Harvey sat for an interview with Donnie McClurkin on TBN, he shared a life testimony that brought him to tears. It was clear to us from the video that Steve, like the most of us, is going through something personal. Rich, poor, healthy, sick, famous or homeless, we ALL feel. Nonetheless, it was moving and uplifting to see Steve being so honest and open on the fact that yes he is Steve Harvey but he is still human, and could not have made it through without God. Please take in this moving video.

Sheila E has also become a great inspiration for us. We were both brought up listening to her music and were dedicated fans as teenagers. Please log onto to www.sheilae.com to read Sheila’s life changing testimony on how she hit rock bottom and had to cry out to God for another chance.

James 3:17
Wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all PURE, the PEACE-loving, CONSIDERATE,SUBMISSIVE, FULL of MERCY & GOOD FRUIT, IMPARTIAL and SINCERE.


  1. It was so amazing to watch this video. It is so true he is human. A man. A person with feelings, family and problems if not more, then all of us "regular" folk.

    Thank you ladies. Im new in my walk and love this post. Please keep them coming.

  2. You Welcome. Yes this was a very touching video. Just to see him so open. Thank you for visiting the blog. We look forward to chatting. We will have our xmas blog special coming out within the next few weeks so stay with us :-)

    Also look out for our upcoming posts regarding our upcoming events for 2010

    Love & Peace

  3. I love the topic for this month. Look forward to the next post. I love what you both are doing. I have not heard anything about Sheila E in years and had no idea she was a christian and had such an awesome inspiring story. I see now she has her own music ministry.
    Wow God really is good.