Saturday, October 3, 2009


We would like to thank all our vendors, sponsors, attendees and bloggers. We hit our goal of 200 women for our first event! To God be the glory! Thank you to all our family and friends who supported us. It was truly an amazing event.

xoxo Liz & Vanessa


  1. Now i must say i have been to many retreats but not one like this. deva ladies you did amazing. Trulu you are both so special. The decor, the vendors wow it was all so well put together. I have 2 teen boys and look forward to that febuary valentine event. Good luck and cant wait to see those pictures.

  2. Hey ladies, This is Marsha aka Flower.
    I just wanted to let you both know I am so very happy for you for what you have accomplished for us ladies at your event. For your first run you both did a wonderful job, you made us look at our selves differently, you helped us to see that we can achieve anything we put our minds to, with the faith of God we can do anything. Thank you so much I can not wait till the next event, count me in! Bless up.

  3. THANKS LADIES! We appreciate the support you showed :) Keep checking for more photos as we upload some from vendors and attendees - and some candid shots ;)

  4. Ladies if you know any talented christian youth, artists, singers, actors, dancers, please email us or let us know. We are holding auditions for our May "youth" concert.
    Thank you
    Elizabeth & Vanessa

  5. Wow,looking great ladies! The blog a sah one.
    I will most def will be checkin out some of the events and services you have here. The affordable basket looks really good! Thank you so much for what you are doing for the city, keep up the great works of The Lord. You both are well blessed.

  6. Ladies! Thank you for posting my jewel event, it looks and sounds great!
    I hope you all will make it to my Black on top Jewel party, I would be blessed to see you all.
    But I will be at the shoe sale next week for sure! Keep up the good works. Love and Respect.

  7. One more thing, my jewellery website is
    I hope you do not mind.
    Thank you.