Monday, August 17, 2009

inspiring D.E.V.A's: Quote of the Day

Good afternoon D.E.V.A's - you know Oprah is one of my many inspirations. I enjoyed her article on Power, and decided to share it with you beautiful women. Multiplied strength = Power YES!

Stay Golden.

"For me, there is no real power without spiritual power. A power that comes from the core of who you are and reflects all that you were meant to be. A power that's connected to the source of things. When you see this kind of power shining through someone in all its truth and certainty, it's irresistible, inspiring, elevating. I can feel it in myself sometimes, mostly when I'm sharing an insight that I know will have an impact on someone's life and I can see that they "get it." I get real joy from helping other people experience aha moments. That is where my power lies." read more

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