Friday, July 24, 2009

What Is A D.E.V.A?

A D.E.V.A is a victorious woman that is working to change the world around her. She is beautiful, intelligent, God fearing, kind, giving, loving, compassionate, confident and strong. A D.E.V.A is that woman that we all try to not notice, but secretly admire.

A D.E.V.A stays on her chosen path.

She cleans, cooks, reads, writes poetry, paints, dances, teaches, raises her family, most importantly she LOVES.

She creates, inspires, dreams, dares, and is filled with inner joy. She holds a unique sense of wisdom that brings her through any and all struggles. She inspires all women to search deep to bring forth that gift we were all born to fulfill.

A D.E.V.A walks in the path of freedom.

She has serious life experiences behind her. She is secure in who she is, and knows what she has to offer. D.E.V.A's see magic, forgiveness, beauty, and reasoning in all things. However, a D.E.V.A is not one to play with. She will go to the extremes for her loved ones. She adores her children & family, her spouse or partner. She loves forever. Her friendships and relationships are pure and abiding.

She does not require assurance or validation from others to feel good about herself. however, she does enjoy praises.

She is experienced enough to have experienced her share of pain. The pain of friendships, marriage, relationships and life.

A D.E.V.A perceives her life as a blessing.

She has zero tolerance for liars, users, manipulators, phonies and those who have no fear of God. A D.E.V.A lady demands attention in her presence. She is strong, pro-active, and listened to when she speaks. She is respected.

A D.E.V.A understands her past. It does not hold her in bondage. Her faith is SOLID.

She finds joy in the smallest things. A card, a rose, a sweet email, very few spoken words, sitting in a quiet room alone, the look in a baby's eyes, the gentle sound of flowing water, or a soft kiss on her forehead.

A D.E.V.A speaks her mind, always.

She is private.

She is a mystery.

A D.E.V.A has required some relative co nations, and it is also used to sometimes describe difficult women or women who have inflated themselves. This is unfortunate, as highly talented females deserve credit for their hard work and natural ability.

The term DIVA is taken from the Latin DIVA, which means goddess or divine one. The use of of the term is meant to suggest that a woman is so incredibly talented that her voice approaches the divine.

DIVAS have historically acquired huge numbers of fans, and their talent and spirit is often in high demand.

Web Definition of DIVA =

Prima donna, a distinguished female, operatic singer, a woman of outstanding talent.

My definition of D.E.V.A =

Victorious woman, survivor, passionate, alchemistic and rare.

Are YOU a D.E.V.A?


  1. Wow....who is this DEVA? Amazing.

  2. I think it is very important for women today to be true to themselves and to find their own authenticity. Too often do women preoccupy themselves from the opinions of others. They are too afraid to follow there own true authentic decisions and they simply just follow the crowd. If women continue to identify themselves through the opinions or “eyes” of others then they are allowing the truth of who they are to be distorted and opinionated based. Opinions are always changing and often inconsistent; the truth of who you are originates within you only. Natalia.

  3. "Dance like no one is watching, love like you'll never be hurt, sing like no one is listening, and live like it's heaven on earth."- William Purkey

    Be true to yourself always :) M~!

  4. I found this blog off your facebook page. I totally love this "What is a diva" I don't know what else i would add. Awesome job ladies.

  5. Thanks so much ladies! This post is truly from the heart; it makes you stop and think twice. Love yourself always. xoxo Liz

  6. Hi thanks for great inspiration ..

  7. Just read that being a "deva" in the slang sense of the word is the best protection from ending up in a relationship with a man who's a
    psychopath....supposedly they will not be attracted to divas they can't stand to be more than a few moments with them....and a deva would not fall for to start practicing my deva skills ..:))

    partly I think because they sense that there will be no ability to control manipulate or coherce....

  8. You painted my life's picture with wondrous words. I am a Buddhist and that is my addition to this story. I believe in peace and compassion and love for all. I am heavily involved in the arts and continue to learn from each life's adventure. I have experienced all the good and unfortunate things a woman can possibly perceive. But I am still here, a survivor and will not give up.

  9. god fearing?? wtf really? 'god' WEll Im an athiest Deva thank you. Aint no place for a misogynist, bigoted control freak in MY life!